Changing my life, and what lies behind it

A while ago I have decided to open my mouth in the digital space, and write about my life experiences and theories. On the one hand for myself in order to summarize my experiences, on the other hand, for those, who are interested in another Earthling’s subjective view of the current world.

 But who am I and what lens do I see the world through?

I am Róbert Szabó, countryman, city person at the same time, and by now I have became a bit international, too. I always have a lot of questions, discussions about the meaning of the life, and I am looking for the simpler paths, in a good sense of course. I was born in Nyíregyháza in the east part of Hungary, and grew up in a small town. During my childhood, I had my share of the peasant life, like hoeing, corn harvesting by hand, cow grazing. There were some experiences from the dark side, like hog-killing, but actually it is natural in the countryside, and a nice family event (except for the pig) with delicious food and pálinka.

After the eastern warmup I drank the world in the capital city as a project manager student at the Technical College of Budapest. There were a small amount of studying, small parties, many boys and a few girls in one place, this is the short balance of those years. Directly after my graduation, I got a job at a hungarian IT company in times of crises in 2008, which was a hard period for many of my friends, so I appreciated to be employed. During my working years I grew up to the “adult’s world”, where I’m spending my time today as well.

In spite of my good behavior, I haven’t gained the usual grown-up things, like family, soaring career, house, car, dogs, contrarily more and more questions arose inside me regarding the basics. Do I have to spend most of my lifetime in a workplace? Can I find a job, what I can totally enjoy? Do I feel better, if I have a house, big TV, comfortable car? Can I enjoy the life alone, or is it only beautiful with someone else? And when do I feel good at all?

With these questions my pathfinder period involuntarily started, which was flavored with special additives: parties, concerts in the Gödör and ZöldPardon clubs (famous underground party places in Budapest), work, summer festivals, cousin party in the spirit of the family, trainings, bathing in the Balaton, work, struggling, swearings, beers with hindsight, volleyball, meetups, blissful days and challenges in the school of love, and a lot of other lifelike things.

From this colorful mixture a new mindset came up to the surface, whereupon I finally figured out what I want to do with my life, and what is even better, I started to act.

That’s why after 5 years I left the comfortable employee state, and became an EVS volunteer in a sweedish ecovillage, where I am living until end of March 2016.

All right then, but is this a new mindset, or just a simple work disgust?

Both. I started to take my questions seriously, and answer them. Do I feel 100 % well in my workplace? No. Then I look for one, what I like. Oh, am I not qualified enough? Then I learn more about the target area where I want to work. But my english is not good enough? Then I go to the language school, and then abroad where I can practice for real.

We are in a lucky situation, because the world supports the individual self-realization. More and more information are available on the internet, we can easily share our experiences with each other, or we can ask more from ourselves and others too. With these possibilities we slowly arrive to the age of wisdom.

The meaning of the word wisdom: The ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. It is a habit or disposition to perform the action with the highest degree of adequacy under any given circumstance. This implies a possession of knowledge or the seeking of knowledge to apply to the given circumstance. This involves an understanding of people, objects, events, situations, and the willingness as well as the ability to apply perception, judgement, and action in keeping with the understanding of what is the optimal course of action. (Source: Wikipedia)

Big words, what I didn’t invent, but I can fully espouse them. The concept of wisdom gleamed in my mind after watching an inspiring Ted-talks many times. And if something gets into my mind, then it starts to link up with the thoughts, what were already there.

In this way the connection between my webpage ( and my personal path finding became clearer for me. The relation of the four collections (Mindfulness, Startup, Social innovation, Sustainability)  has similar process, than the wisdom does: being aware what are the goals, gaining the necessary knowledge, resources, using them in the practical way according to the values. Then reaching the goals, and enjoying the success. If the result is not satisfying, asking for feedbacks, looking for mistakes, learning from them, and start the process again.

Earlier I couldn’t word this connection, just felt these three areas can mutually take advantages of each other, and a person can make benefits from the knowledge, technics, as well. The reason I write this to you, because I have personally learnt a lot from these areas, during trainings, by reading webpages or personal talks.

However, the crammed knowledge has no value if we don’t use them in the real life, or don’t share the results. That’s why I am going to write down and share my own experiences and thoughts in the next blog posts.

Till then here is the previously mentioned Ted talk by Ricardo Semler, who talks about the power of the questions, and the age of wisdom.

What do you think, it is useful to ask yourself from time to time: Why am I doing this? What for? Why? Or is it better to let the whole argument, and just go with the flow?

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